See What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Kelly has been my wellness doctor since 1990. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and has never failed to make time to listen to me. I have recommended her to friends and even my pcp sent patients to her for some things the medical community offers no solution.”
-Esther Makar

“Dr Gallagher has been an amazing blessing in my life and my sons. After a MVA in 2005 she helped us find some freedom from the pain we had endured for the two years before we met her. My super active 11 year old now is very familiar with listening to his body and tells me when he needs adjusted. Especially after a long soccer tourney weekend! Her holistic approach to medicine is amazing even solving some various health issues I had with frequent UTI’s with a simple vitamin supplement. I don’t even have to tell her where I hurt, her hands just know. My husband didn’t think “a girl” could ever adjust him properly. One pinched nerve in his back and he is now a believer and praises how amazing he feels when he leaves. Her caring attitude toward her clients puts her on my highly recommended list!”
-Gretia Shrout

“I had a regular schedule with my chiropractor (Dr. Kelly Gallagher) throughout my entire pregnancy. I felt that it made a significant difference with lower back pain and helped decrease all around discomfort, especially during third trimester. If this is something you’ve considered, I highly recommend Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center.”
-Kara Schlegel

 “I have been to multiple chiropractors between moving and just preference & I am very impressed with both Dr Banks, Dr Gallagher, as well as their staff. They are always thorough with myself as well as my 6 month old daughter. The staff is always friendly & welcoming.”
-Jessica Jenkins

“Before coming to Dr. Kelly I had stiffness and pain in my neck and back every day. Now after having adjustments, I am pain free. Also after doing the liver and colon cleanse I have lost fifteen pounds and am feeling better than I have for most of my life. I am very thankful to Dr. Kelly, she is a blessing in my life.
-Suzanne Tomko

“I had previously slipped on a stairway. Although I didn’t actually “fall” down the stairway, I landed on my tailbone and snapped my neck by hitting my chin to my clavicle bone. After many doctors, therapeutic treatments massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments, the pain and suffering of countless stiff muscles and debilitating migraines, I have found relief from Dr. Gallagher. “I will follow you wherever you go!” Thank you for giving me a full nights sleep – many nights.
-Raine Austen

“I am a heavy equipment operator for Cavanaugh. My body takes a beating every day. I came to see Dr. Gallagher for my rotor cuff. The other doctors I had visited told me my only option was surgery. After meeting with Dr. Gallagher, she informed me of a two part treatment plan. Within weeks of starting my treatment, I can raise my injured arm and am able to perform my job duties easier without the pain. I want to thank you, Dr. Gallagher for your caring nature, helpfulness, and support. You don’t see this combination in doctors any more, so I am grateful to have found you.
-Roger Eagleson