Better Eating for Better Aging – 10 Steps to Healthy Eating!

Better Eating for Better Aging - 10 Steps to Healthy Eating!   Listen to the Experts The key to healthy eating is balance, variety and moderation. That means eating a wide variety of foods without getting too many calories or too much of any one nutrient. These 10 tips can help you follow that advice while still enjoying the foods you eat.   1. Eat a Variety of Foods •You need more than 40 different nutrients for good health, and no single food supplies them all. •Your daily food selection should include bread and other whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat, poultry, fish and other protein foods. 2. Whole Grains, Fruits & Vegetables •Most Americans don't eat enough of these foods. •Eat 6-11 servings from the bread, rice, cereal and pasta group, 3 of which should be whole grains. •Eat 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of [...]

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Purify Your Life! A Lasting Resolution

Purify Your Life! A Lasting Resolution   Purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy weight for your body is KEY to increase your health and vitality. The Standard Process Purification Program is designed to support specific organs involved in the body's detoxification process. We are bringing in a Standard Process Representative to our office to walk others through the steps of this program and how it will assist in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Click on the image to learn more & call to RSVP for our FREE talk!    2018 Purification Seminar

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